Storing your Digital Content

Using ChilliVault Libraries, storing your digital content is simple, easy to organise and quick to search.


Organise your Digital Assets

Create separate Libraries with specific user access rights and organise content into Folders and Collections. Whether you need to cater for multiple offices or independent departments, ChilliVault allows you to administrate your content, the way you want to, from one central location.

Organise content with libraries

Easy Media Management

Your media is specific to your company. We've provided you with simple ways of customising your media the way your want to with custom metadata fields, media commenting and thumbnails to represent your assets.

Organise media in collections

Quick Searching and Browsing

Finding your media is easy in ChilliVault with our simple search and sorting tools.

Search and browse content

User Activity Tracking

Comprehensive activity reporting allows you to see what's been happening with your content, including details of which assets have been uploaded or shared, and libraries or collections that have been created or deleted.

Track activity on your work

Video Transcoding

When you upload your content, we automatically transcode your media into an H264 web proxy. So you can be sure that your content will play on a mobile device, no matter what you upload.

Upload any file format and ChilliVault will create a web optimised file for playback while retaining the original file for download.

Automatically transcode assets

Administrate Users

Control who has access and what they can do from one simple control panel. ChilliVault allows you to create user roles with distinct access permissions.

Create and manage users

Online Presentation Sharing

Our online presentation tools let you present your work in the professional, slick way it deserves.


Easily Build Presentations for Clients

Build, customise and send company branded presentations quickly and easily. No more time consuming DVD burning or technical knowledge needed, meaning you can focus on promoting your work.

Presentations in ChilliVault allow you to add and remove files easily, collate media of different formats, add credits and re-order with a simple drag and drop interface.

Build and organise presentations

Customise Presentations

Quickly send a public link in the body of an e-mail, or spend a bit more time sending a secure, branded e-mail with custom settings.

With Presentations you can enable or disable downloading or forwarding, alter the appearance of the presentation player, make adhoc changes without disrupting access and instantly expire your sent media.

Customise Presentations

Presentations on Any Device

Thanks to our rigorously tested transcodes, presentations are viewable on any operating system, browser or handheld device.

Present on any device

Send Multiple Presentations and Track Views

If you need to send multiple presentations you can combine them in one send, retaining the full tracking and customisation of a single presentation, making your and your client's life easier.

Presentation views are tracked, so you can tell who's seen what before that important meeting.

Send multiple presentations in one go

Share Media Files

Drop Boxes make sharing and receiving media with people outside your company secure and instant.


Instantly Share Media Files

Incorporated into your library, Drop Boxes can be used to share your material almost instantly, with no need to re-upload.

  • Move media from your archive into a named Drop Box in seconds
  • Share media within or outside your company instantly
  • Easy and Secure access for your recipient
Share and collaborate

Receive Media Instantly

Drop Boxes work both ways. Simply send a third party a Drop Box and they can upload into it. New assets are flagged and can be moved into your library at the click of a button.

Receive work from third parties

No File Restrictions

Sharing and receiving large files is easy. If it fits in your archive, you can share and receive it. Any file type, any size.

All file types accepted

Secure File Transfer

Keeping your data safe is of the utmost priority to us.


Secure File Transfer and Storage

256-bit AES SSL encryption ensuring that all communication between your computer and our servers is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping and tampering.

SSL encryption